Easy Online Quizzes

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Digital Learning, Education in Indiana, Engagement

Tired of manually grading papers?  Need to do a quick “check-for-understanding” quiz online?  Take a look at…..     

Gnowledge:  http://www.gnowledge.com/main/welcome.aspx

I’ll admit, I don’t know much about this site, but I’ve read a lot of good things.  It’s free, does require sign-up, but looks like it would be worth it.  There are hundreds of quizzes already created from teachers across the world.  You can even have your Biology students take a biology quiz created in Singapore….

It’s the #2 most recommended Education Site of 2011 – might be worth a look!

  1. Kevin Gill says:

    I made an account and searched for any tests that had to do with math, and all I could find was an eighth grade test that was over File Maker Pro (???), and two 3rd grade assessments dealing with calendar time and place value. Maybe I’m not searching correctly. If someone finds more stuff, let me know. I haven’t checked out the tool for making assessments yet, but I’ll be interested to know if that’s good.

  2. Judy Mathias says:

    I couldn’t find much in the business field either. I use Quia, Quizlet and Quizstar. Quia and Quizlet have a lot of activities and quizzes and Quizlet is great for creating your own online quizzes and sharing with other teachers in your department.

  3. Cynthia says:

    I don’t really see this as useful in my classroom. Beside the technology issue, there are so many other things out there that are available. And once we have the technology, I see my classroom using moodle or google docs more for these type of things.
    I have yet to give a quiz online, though I’d definitely like to move that way, as that is the way society is moving, paperless and online.

  4. Dona Brown says:

    I also had a hard time looking over the site. I clicked on a biology exam for high school and looked pretty cool. There were thinking questions and it could be graded online. It would probably take a long time for me to figure it all out.

  5. Amy Norris says:

    I wasn’t actually surprised that there was nothing to do with German on there, and at least for my subject area, I think that using a quiz someone else has created just wouldn’t be worthwhile. With all the emphasis on formative assessments and backwards design, I think if you don’t have a hand in creating your assessments then you might not really be testing what you have been teaching in class, therefore you might not be getting an accurate picture of what your students do and don’t know.

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